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Valle Oriente, Nuevo Leon,
Mexico 66269

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Invest in our country

There are productive sectors, such as automotive, driving the mexican economy, which this year will become a key to the economic growth. The automotive sector holds the crown as one of the most dynamic sectors.

In 2014 seven companies announced the installation of manufacturing plants in the country: Nissan-Ranault , Honda, Mazda, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Hyundai, which will reach the total investment of 8,263 million dollars. KIA Motors will be the first korean automobile factory to be built in Mexico, in the municipality of Pesquería in the state of Nuevo León, which translates into an investment of over $ 2,500 million dollars.

Nuevo Leon is the leading state in attracting FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), with more than 2,900 foreign companies established in the state. This makes it the most productive state of Mexico.