Where will global property investors be buying in 2014? Surprisingly, despite recent economic uncertainty, investors are willing to look beyond political circumstances and invest in areas with strong property fundamentals. Overall, our new Global Investor Sentiment Survey finds optimism in the economic outlook for 2014, and with this increased confidence, many investors are planning to expand, especially in 'safe-haven' cities.

Colliers annual in-depth survey reveals responses from 522 of the most active real estate investors in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. At least one-in-five of them manage global property portfolios of more than $5 billion dollars each. The survey results highlight a number of key indicators in investment strategy and criteria including the overall appetite for real estate assets, risk tolerance, debt use and destination cities where competition to find good deals is increasing.

The robust survey provides a global overview of investor trends and expectations by region, sector and asset type along with the impact of key influences and activity. Find out where optimism, balanced with caution is leading investors to the most attractive regions in 2014.