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Colliers International, through its Los Angeles, CA offices, represents Invensys Controls, a British corporation involved in several business sectors including electronic control panels.  Colliers LA referred the client to Mexico where Invensys required consolidating its operation in Reynosa, Tamaulipas from two different sites into one leased building, and dispose of their 70,808 square feet building owned by the company that was to be vacated with this consolidation.

The Colliers Team strategy was two-fold; first, carry out a site selection process for buildings that met the required criteria and obtain the best proposal from each, and second, include the purchase of Invensys’ owned building by the new landlord, or obtain the listing to dispose of the building via an offer to purchase by a developer or user, or offer a lease of the building in order to sweeten the deal with a Tenant in the building.

A site selection process was performed in Reynosa including tenant improvements for Invensys.  Simultaneously, a Broker’s Opinion of Value was performed on the Invensys owned building to determine the price at which the building could be sold or leased in that market. 

 The Colliers Team was able to negotiate a lease agreement that will allow Invensys to consolidate its operations in Reynosa, as well as obtaining the listing to sell or lease the current Invensys building.