Every firm is different. But successful firms have one thing in common - they anticipate change.

Five critical trends that are currently shaping the future of the law industry’s space usage:

     • 75% of applications will be in the Cloud by the end of 2015
     • There will be over 100 billion mobile devices globally by 2015
     • 50% of the workforce will be Generation Y / Millennials by 2018
     • 80% of work is highly collaborative
     • 40% of workspace is occupied at any given time

The implications are staggering, especially for law firms, because workspace decisions also impact the brand and culture of the firm and its ability to recruit and retain top talent.

Rely on the strategic expertise and creative approach of the Colliers Law Firm Services Group to stay ahead of the market, not to react to it. Our view of negotiating leases for our clients is simple: We do not stop until we get satisfactory provisions in place for all aspects of the lease transaction for our client, period.

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