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4350 Baker Road, Suite 400
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Minneapolis, MN 55402
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Colliers Education Services Group is the leading real estate advisor dedicated to the Education Industry. It comprises brokers and advisors who focus their training, skills and experience on delivering sustainable creative solutions to the unique needs of educational organizations. From charter schools to universities, the Education Services Group takes a strategic approach to the considerations facing educational facilities: outdoor recreational space, gym space, zoning and education occpucany codes. We understand that the right real estate decisions impact much more than bricks and mortar. The Education Services Group provides strategies and services that reduce occupancy costs, increase space efficiency and lease/purchase flexibility while enticing enrollment.

Client List


  • Dugsi Academy
    - Leased 42,000 SF, St. Paul
  • Fraser Academy
    - Leased 26,000 SF, NE Minneapolis
  • Cyber Village Academy
    - Lease & relocation to 15,000 SF, Highland Park
  • St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts
    - Leased 7,500 SF in downtown St. Paul. The school continued to expand three times over the next five years to occupy 15,300 more SF
  • Lincoln International High School
    - Leased 34,000 SF in Minneapolis
  • Watershed High School
    - Leased 20,000 SF in South Minneapolis


  • Yinghua Academy
    - Represented Yinghua in their lease of 15,000 SF in St. Paul in 2006 and in 2008 in their purchase of former Putnam School for 48,000 SF


  • Minnesota Business Academy
    - Former Science Museum and Minnesota Business Academy sold to Minnesota Church of Scientology
  • Hmong Academy
    - Sold 72,000 SF building in St. Paul to Hmong Academy
  • Augsburg Academy
    - Sold 23,000 SF building in St. Paul to Augsburg Academy

Outgrowing your current space?

Minnesota charter schools enrollment has quadrupled in the past decade. Learn how Colliers can assist you in continuing to provide a great learning environment for your students.

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