Minneapolis real estate researchThe Minneapolis - St. Paul office of Colliers International’s commitment to market research is demonstrated by our ongoing efforts to keep cutting edge tools of the trade and technology available to our staff. We believe that reliable, up-to-date information gives us the advantage in today’s marketplace; therefore, we are constantly evaluating new products and processes in order to offer the widest array of resources possible. Our research capabilities allow us to provide staff with accurate, up-to-date information at their fingertips, thereby increasing their effectiveness to the ultimate benefit of our clients. We fully leverage the national research capabilities available to us through Colliers International including strong relationships with researchers across the country and access to Colliers world-class mapping services.

Rapid Connection Technology

  • Colliers’ leading-edge technology platform enhances collaboration, efficiency and transparency
  • Custom web-based tool, Colliershub, manages our vast knowledge base, increases cross-market communication among Colliers International and Investment professionals and exposes existing relationships across our deep bench of local market experts
  • Seamless integration of Colliershub, client relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and Outlook allow for substantial increases in exposure and productivity levels

In-Depth Research

  • Valuable market intelligence supportive of business decisions
  • Multilevel support across all property types, from data collection to comprehensive market analysis
  • Expansive databases housing detailed information on properties nationwide and globally
  • Quarterly reports produced on market/economic conditions in virtually every major market
  • Combined market knowledge and forward-thinking expertise to plan for the future

Mapping Services (GIS)

  • Comparative market analysis
  • Market trends
  • Market segmentation
  • Demographics
  • Employment and transportation analysis


  • Calculate the replacement cost, investment and owner occupant value, and present them in individual spreadsheets
  • Comprehensive reports on recent comparable property sales and leases, giving us the most up-to-date and accurate picture of sale prices in the area
  • Analysis of current market inventory to determine an appropriate strategy for the pricing and sale or lease of your property

We recognize the importance of providing our clients with the most comprehensive picture of the Twin Cities market.

Commercial Real Estate Mapping Expertise - Minnesota