Because we hire the best of the best, our employees are constantly growing and learning from one another. We’re committed to recruiting, training and rewarding and retaining the best people. To us, the best teams welcome people with diverse backgrounds and use each other’s professional and unique experiences to achieve the greatest possible results.

Colliers Values
We value service, expertise, community and fun! We create positive, memorable experiences by exceeding expectations in business and personal interactions. We pride ourselves on building and sharing expertise to create success for our clients and have a passion to continuously expand our knowledge.  We are also deeply committed to the communities in which we operate and are serious about our work. We value an optimistic, energetic and dynamic work environment that is successful because we enjoy what we do.

Career Development
Colliers supports people to excel in any role, whether just launching their careers or leading a winning team. We reward initiative, ingenuity and a drive to succeed—and we’re constantly on the lookout for rising stars. Want to go international? Try something new? Polish your skills for advancement? We’re here to help. Our philosophy is “all personal development is professional development,” so whether we help you in work or in life, we know it all adds up to a stronger team.

Colliers University
Colliers supports people to excel in any role, which is why in 2002 we launched Colliers University. Colliers University gives our employees a unique learning environment to grow their skills and careers. With over 1,000 classes who have reached over 7,000 employees, the opportunities for gaining knowledge are endless.