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With regular research reports covering major property types and the capacity to create custom reports tailored to your industry and specific needs, you'll be equipped to successfully buy, sell, lease or develop property with the best knowledge available.

Featured Research

Industrial Market Overview 2Q 2016

The Brexit, the political situation in the United States, the behavior of international oil prices, the rate of exchange of the US Dollar, and the constant politic/economic tension experienced by different countries were events that affected the world economy during the first half of the year.

Office Market Overview 2Q 2016

The office market in Mexico City is very dynamic because even when an important amount of square meters are added into the inventory, a large amount of lease and sale transactions for A, B and A+ classes are performed also, same that have maintained their availability rate level at 11% for the last three quarters.

Overview Retail 1S 2016

In June 2016, the inventory of shopping malls, considering the seven zones in which the country is divided (Central, Metropolitan, North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest), reached 600 properties amounting to a total rentable surface of more than 19 million SQM.

Colliers At a Glance

Revenues: $2.5 billion
Countries: 66
Offices: 554
Professionals & Staff: 16,000
Brokers: 5,800
Square Meters Managed: 180 million
Lease/Sale Transactions: >80,000
Total Transaction Value: $112 billion

Based on 2015 results.

Mexico City