Colliers International is a global leader in real estate services, and recognized for an entrepreneurial spirit and for offering solutions to real estate investors, owners, users, and developers through a culture of service excellence and a proactive, enterprising approach. They bring together the best real estate specialists worldwide in order to acc elerate our customer’s success.

During more than 20 years in Mexico, Colliers International has established 9 offices strategically located in the cities with the largest real estate activity in Mexico, which are Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla, Querétaro, Tijuana, and Ciudad Juárez, integrating more than 110 professionals and 60 brokers nationwide.

Experienced professionals, combined with process management, use of technology, and extensive and recognized market knowledge, enable Colliers International to offer world-class services that create the highest value for its customers.

Defining Values

Colliers International main corporate values are:

Service Excellence: Always focused on creating positive memorable experiences, and on exceeding all expectations both in the services and the personal interaction. Integrity, ethics, and empathy guide each of its actions and define its service day-to-day with customers and colleagues.

Specialization: Colliers International is proud to develop and share its expertise with the goal of chieving success for customers and people. The passion to constantly increase knowledge allows the company to have a fresh and clever approach in all they do, constantly seeking to train and update its professionals to keep their knowledge fresh and anticipate changes in the market.

Social Responsibility: Colliers International is deeply committed to each community in which operates, as well as to building up business practices, work environments, and sustainable workspaces. They show compassion for those in need, valuing and respecting individuality, as well as differences. They have held industry events focused on supporting several foundations, including Casa Simón de Betania in Monterrey and Corinca preschool in Mexico City.

Positivity: Colliers International has a cheerful attitude and takes its work very seriously valuing the fact that work environment should be optimistic and full of energy and dynamism, to promote both social and business interaction. Colliers International is successful because its people enjoy what they do.

Factors that have defined Colliers International’s success

Over the past 10 years, Colliers International at a global level has gone from earning 250 million in revenue to 2 billion dollars in 2013. Along with FirstService, the company currently manages over 2.3 billion square feet (700 million sqm) in properties. Its success is due to accelerated organic growth through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Colliers International is the real estate company with the fastest growth in the sector, on a global scale.

What does service excellence mean to Colliers International?

In Colliers International, living our culture of service excellence means exceeding our customers’ expectations, from care and customer service to achieving the best results that allow us to “accelerate the success” of their businesses. In order to achieve this, we have established our specialists’ vast knowledge and strengths as the foundation of our service excellence.

Our clients can rely on our ability to implement years of direct experience in the various local markets. Our professionals have a thorough knowledge of their communities and the industry; whether they be a local business or an international company, we provide our customers with creative solutions in order to satisfy all their real estate needs. We have maintained Service Excellence through “Client Engagement” strategies, which encourage the integration of our services, promoting our culture of integral solutions and care for our customers.

Sustainable Leadership in Mexico and Latin America.

We recognize that exceptional results require more than just expertise in transactions. This is why we have developed a comprehensive platform of complementary services in order to meet our customers’ business goals. We make their interests a priority, from the way we structure our reports to how we provide information that will both solve problems and provide us with an overview of the company’s situation. Our consultants share a commitment to delivering the highest level of service and the best possible experience. Our approach is the best in its class and it has led the real estate industry to a higher standard of service and reliability, increasingly placing us as leaders in Mexico and Latin America.

In order to maintain our leadership in the real estate industry we put our values to practice daily, additionally looking to continually develop our specialization. We have as our premise that learning is a competitive advantage; in 2002, Colliers International launched Colliers University, a platform that has grown to include more than 1,700 courses and which has accelerated the professional and personal success of more than 7,500 Colliers’ professionals.

Colliers International Mexico over time:


• Organized the “REITs and their Impact on the Real Estate Market” conference in Monterrey, Nuevo León
with the participation of Fibra INN,Actinver and Investa Asesores.

• Opening of two new offices in Mexico City: Santa Fe and Periférico Sur


• Mr. Javier Lomelín Anaya, CEO of Colliers Latin America, receives the Luis Barrios medal for Real Estate
Excellence (AMPI).

• Colliers launches “Everyone Gives,” a donation campaign to raise global public awareness.


• Colliers International refreshes its brand in order to stay on the cutting edge.

• The first “Certified Industrial and Retail Real Estate Professional” certifications are achieved through AMPI.


• Javier Lomelín is elected President of ICEI

• Javier Lomelín is promoted to Managing Director of Colliers Latin America.


• Colliers International opens offices in Ciudad Juárez, an outstanding year for industrial occupancy.


• Colliers International begins operations in Tijuana.

• Javier Lomelín, Director of Colliers Mexico, is Founding President of ICEI.


• Colliers International Monterrey begins operations.

• Colliers International opens its Valuation and Advisory division.


• Colliers International opens offices in Puebla and Querétaro.


• Colliers International opens offices in Guadalajara.


• Industrial, Office and Retail divisions are opened in order to promote specialization. 


• Colliers International Mexico City begins operations as the first Colliers office in Latin America.

Colliers At a Glance

Countries: 66
Professionals & Staff: 16,000
Square Meters Managed: 186 million
Lease/Sale Transactions: >80,000

*Square meters include office, industrial and retail property under management. Residential property is excluded from this total. All statistics are for 2015.

Mexico City