Naseef Investment Services Team

When Experience Counts

Providing Strategic Leadership To Both Public And Private Sector Clients

Differentiating Capabilities

  • Rapid REO servicing deployment
  • Single Point of Contact Model to assist in coordinating a full-spectrum of National REO management and marketing services
  • Unparalleled coverage of primary, secondary and tertiary real estate markets across all property sectors
  • 512 offices in 61 countries
  • Web-based reporting for documentation management and real-time project status

Client Benefits
  • Decreased exposure to property ownership carrying costs and liabilities
  • Unsurpassed local property trend knowledge and experience
  • Standardization of tracking and reporting methods to facilitate internal communication
  • Key performance metric analysis to ensure maximum portfolio management efficiencies

An Established & Proven Process
  • Through extensive services and capabilities, Colliers International can limit costs to carry while enhancing disposition opportunities
  • Our Team will customize a unique process that will be tailored to meet the needs of any sized banking institution and/or lender
  • Processes will match a bank’s requirements with tasks & Team members
  • The process clearly identifies decision points, reporting functions & asset management oversight

Client Reporting & Technology
  • Inspection and Maintenance Plan
  • Repair and Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • Service Call Log-In System
  • Subcontracting Plan
  • Customer Oversight of Facility Support Services
  • Risk Management/Safety Plan
  • Emergency Plan
  • Budgeting Control, Financial Review and Operational Reporting Plan
  • Record Keeping and Administration

Naseef Seven Mistakes

7 Mistakes

There are generally seven economic impact items in a lease. Every clause in a commercial lease has some economic impact to either the landlord or the tenant. Read this to learn how you can protect your bottom line.


"Tom - I want to thank you and your team for doing such a great job on the management and successful sale of this project. I think we got a very good price and everyone here is very pleased! I look forward to working with you again."

David Casty
Regional OREO Manager-West
U.S. Bank-Special Assets Group
Irvine, CA

Case Study

The Russell Commerce Center consists of two buildings with a total size of nearly 100,000 SF. Leases enacted during the due diligence process threatened the overall value of the property and ultimately the pending sale. The Naseef Team negotiated stipulations that addressed both the buyer's and seller's concerns.

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Las Vegas