Case Study



The challenge

Fanatics Inc. is based out of Jacksonville Florida, and has experienced significant growth since opening. Recently, the company was purchased and the new ownership decided to undergo an aggressive expansion. They decided to engage Guy Preston, of the Industrial Services Group, to help with the assignment. Guy had to coordinate with brokers in several cities, as well as the several consultants involved in the deal. One of the most difficult parts of the assignment, was coordinating with all of the involved parties.

The strategy

There was a lot of information to analyze on this deal. Two consulting companies were hired to assist with this deal. For close to a year, there were weekly meetings to discuss the progress.

The services

Colliers orchestrated the various entities of consultants that were involved in the deal. One consulting firm was engaged to analyze incentives in various cities that were being considered, while another consulting firm was hired to help with logistics concerns. Guy coordinated gathering all of the essential information from various brokers to assist the client with narrowing down sites. A tour was scheduled, where the “team” visited 15+ sites across three states, in three days.

The results

Colliers successfully represented the client, Fanatics Inc. in purchasing a building that fit their needs.

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