• Make employee experience a core part of business strategy — Drive engagement and productivity by creating true ownership of the employee experience and bringing the service-oriented hospitality mindset into the workplace.
  • Build the “Internet of Workplace” — Shift your strategy on digital integration in the workplace from nice-to-have amenities to core functionalities that make the workplace reactive and proactive and that get ahead of the automation impact.
  • Create a workplace that makes people healthier — Ensure that employees are healthier when they leave the workplace than when they arrive by “leading” employees to wellness, making technology a wellness-enabler and taking designing for wellness to the next level.
  • Ingrain the co-working mentality in real estate strategy — Change the way you think about space needs to focus more on the categories of “core” and “flexible.” Doing so can help you realize the true impact of flexibility on your bottom line and business strategy.
  • Enable the agile organization — Align your work environment with the agile organization model and you will be better placed to adapt to the changing needs of your clients and the marketplace — and stay a step ahead.