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Owning & Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investment Services

Colliers International's team of investment sales specialists sees beyond the bricks and mortar to analyze how property acquisition, ownership and disposition can accelerate the success of your financial portfolio.

We provide a single point of accountability and collaborate with specialists in a variety of service areas at each stage of the property ownership cycle:

1. Investment Strategy

Your real estate investment advisor is your strategic partner in achieving your financial goals. Property investments vary widely in returns, risk profile, the amount of hands-on attention required, development potential and liquidity. Therefore our first step in any engagement is to fully understand your objectives and requirements for an investment property.

We collaboratively build an investor profile based on your resources and requirements to ensure you see every suitable investment opportunity within your defined geographic target area. Then we pre-qualify each investment using financial modeling of projected performance and historical market data to calculate its current and potential value.

2. Acquisition and Due Diligence

Once a potential investment property is identified, we work through the property’s documentation to understand current and future contracts and obligations, risk scenarios based on lease expirations and deferred maintenance, and a thorough assessment of the property’s current management and performance.

Our valuation team brings fast, accurate, well-supported documentation to justify current property values, and we also take a big-picture look at market dynamics and how issues such as government regulation, infrastructure development and new construction can affect long-term values. 

We also use lease auditing to uncover and capture potential revenue streams, which have proven to be game-changers for many of our investors by boosting the property's net operating income.

3. Ongoing Management

Our investment services professionals work with a skilled team of property managers to elevate a property's value and increase its return on investment. We work closely with experts in leasing, property management and project management to bring insight to this process, such as:

  • assessing whether improvements could save energy and reduce operating costs,
  • exploring whether changing vendors or services could improve tenant satisfaction, and
  • ensuring your property remains at the top of its competitive set to retain and attract tenants.

4. Disposition

Investment services professionals not only help you sell your property, but also help you determine the best time frame and process for this major financial move, taking into account potential tax ramifications and the market cycle to generate the strongest interest in your property.

Our disposition strategy is twofold: meeting your sale objectives, and targeted marketing.

First, we take into account your requirements for timing the sale, and your related objectives for placing the proceeds of the sale in other investments or another property. We supply in-depth market data to develop a competitive price based on your value target, and we determine an acceptable level of risk associated with various buyers to ensure your interests are protected in the purchase and sale agreement.

By planning a disposition strategy around these elements—speed, price and risk—we weed out unqualified buyers, reduce the possibility of retrades and capitalize on the strongest market demand.

Next, we create a go-to-market strategy that offers large-scale exposure through proprietary databases and distribution channels, minimizes disruption to current tenants, and includes a segmented approach to focus the highest-impact marketing techniques on the buyers who are most motivated and likely to pay the highest price.

Finally, our investment specialists handle the negotiation and due diligence process to anticipate and overcome obstacles, carefully track documentation, and ensure the property's sale transaction closes on time.

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