Colliers International presented the Port of Houston Authority with the GDP (Gulf's Darn Profitable) Award at their monthly Port Commission Meeting held on February 25, 2014.

Pictured from left to right: Stephen H. DonCarlos (Commissioner, The Port of Houston Authority), Clyde Fitzgerald (Commissioner, The Port of Houston Authority), Roy D. Mease (Commissioner, The Port of Houston Authority), Janiece M. Longoria  (Chairman, The Port of Houston Authority), Brad Beauchamp (Associate, Colliers International), Crissy Nolen (Director of Marketing, Colliers International), Michael J. Taetz (Principal and Director, Colliers International), John D. Kennedy (Commissioner, The Port of Houston Authority), Dean E. Corgey (Commissioner, The Port of Houston Authority), and Theldon R. Branch, III (Commissioner, The Port of Houston Authority). 

In conjunction with the release of the year-end Ports Report, Colliers Chief Economist and report author KC Conway has selected the Port of Houston as a winner of one of the Colliers International 2013 Port Awards. These awards recognize the ports that are making a difference and setting the pace for the industry.


For incredible profitability in 2013 
In previous Colliers North American Port Analysis reports, Houston has been recognized as North America's "Most Irreplaceable Port" for the vital nature of its port's physical aspects; this new award recognizes its operational excellence. Not only is the Port of Houston-along with the other dozen support harbors and secondary ports along the Houston Channel or in proximity to its inlet from the Gulf-vital to U.S. energy interests, it's highly profitable. As we are learning from other major port situations in Southern California, Oregon and New York, port leadership and operational efficiency are cornerstones to port profitability. In 2013, Houston has been firing on all cylinders. In July, the Port of Houston generated $21 million in operating revenue, a 7-percent increase over the same period in 2012. Through 1H 2013, operating revenue is up 4 percent year over year. Net income in July rose by an impressive 47 percent, year over year, to $4 million. A 4-percent increase in tonnage in 1H 2013 is cited as a primary reason for the port's 1H 2013 financial results. For 1H 2013, bulk exports rose by approximately 20 percent, bulk commodities increased more than 15 percent, and container tonnage rose by 8 percent year over year. Houston has proven that the "Gulf's darn profitable."  

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