As the industry continues to evolve under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, hospital and health system executives are grappling with many challenging new paradigms. Integrating the transition from "fee for service" to "fee for quality" delivery models, new compliance requirements, driving wellness and prevention, and ensuring better coordination and efficiencies are but a few of the critical initiatives hospital and health system executives face.

In this era of healthcare reform, providers face unprecedented pressure from payers, employers and consumers to deliver higher quality, more efficient care. Today more than ever, hospitals must embrace a different type of business model, with a new set of investments and relationships to achieve success. To navigate the changing landscape, you need expert advisors with strategic insight into the healthcare industry, extensive resources and forward-thinking solutions.

Colliers Healthcare Services is a dedicated, nationwide team of healthcare real estate services specialists who truly understand the unique challenges of this industry. Trusted Colliers advisors have a big-picture perspective, putting in-depth knowledge of industry trends, policies and players to work for you.

Mary Beth Kuzmanovich
National Director, Healthcare Services | USA