Case Study

Guadalajara Office

Corporativo Andares Acueducto
Avenida Acueducto 4851 Piso 1 Oficina 4
Fracc. Plaza Andares 45116 
Zapopan, Jalisco, México

Tel: +52 33 3001 4000



Oracle of Mexico, in its growth plan requires office space in a phased plan requiring space for a certain number of people within the area of gait, because due to their previous experiences is most suitable , but not some other areas where they could find a building class A + discarded. They are seeking a space that has the technology that works for them, as well as services and amenities sufficient for a good operation.

The office market in Guadalajara is expanding, but still the vast majority of current facilities do not meet the full needs of Oracle, especially in terms of the amenities they need for their staff.

Perform a search and analysis of different options that meet the needs of Oracle. And determine which are the best options, and then start a negotiation that benefits both parts. 


Searching and finding locations within the parameters set by Oracle. Analyze each option and determine its "pros and cons". Once defined the best choice, conduct negotiations as required by Oracle and offered by the owner, CPI.


- According to the requirements of a corporate client, the results obtained were:

- Market analysis and understanding of it.

- The location of a corporate space, new, with the required technology, with spaces that provide a density within parameters , adequate parking and sufficient amenities in the area.

- Negotiation of appropriate conditions for the market at a price below the same.

Colliers At a Glance

Revenues: $2 billion
Countries: 62
Offices: 482
Professionals & Staff: 13,500
Brokers: 5,100
Square Feet Managed: 1.12 billion*
Lease/Sale Transactions: 78,000
Total Transaction Value: $71 billion

Based on 2012 results.

*Square footage includes office, industrial ans retail property under management. Residential property is excluded from this total.