Case Study

Guadalajara Office

Corporativo Andares Acueducto
Avenida Acueducto 4851 Piso 1 Oficina 4
Fracc. Plaza Andares 45116 
Zapopan, Jalisco, México

Tel: +52 33 3001 4000




Find an area that was optimal for its new paper converting , 
considering its major customers and an efficient connection with its northern partner 


Knowing your operation because we have participated with them in Guadalajara operations of the purchase of land ,
which is why we already knew the specifications of the ground must be in Monterrey. 
Adding up the experience and knowledge of the team of Monterrey , it was suggested to focus on certain areas , according to customer needs , growth and location of their major customers. 
That's why they came to the compilation of the main options within industrial parks in Cienega de Flores, Apodaca and Fisheries


Submit all available land in targeted areas that meet specific customer needs. 
Making an analysis of each of the determining areas pros and cons, changing customer interest regarding the area where they planned to be established.

We consolidate customer confidence in our firm, being completely covered their need and showing confidence in our work.

Colliers At a Glance

Revenues: $2 billion
Countries: 62
Offices: 482
Professionals & Staff: 13,500
Brokers: 5,100
Square Feet Managed: 1.12 billion*
Lease/Sale Transactions: 78,000
Total Transaction Value: $71 billion

Based on 2012 results.

*Square footage includes office, industrial ans retail property under management. Residential property is excluded from this total.