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Meet our events of Social Responsibility in Colliers Guadalajara

Giving Back

We donate our time, talents and resources to causes that are meaningful to our employees, their families, our clients and communities.

We’re also deeply committed to environmentally and socially responsible business practices—the kind that keep our communities healthy and our earth happy while supporting the long-term success of business.

Mayama A.C.

Mayama is a result of the commitment of a group of Mexican leaders seeking to combat poverty and violence to contribute to the development of the country.

On October 20, the office organized "Real estate agency Event " an fundraising event with the occasion of financial support to this institution, A breakfast - conference was offered formed by an excellent panel of experts where the topic was "Panorama 2015: Challenges and Opportunities of land use. "


Homeless World Cup

Homeless World Cup is a social organization with the goal of ending homelessness through football. The organization hopes to involve homeless people in football will motivate them to change their lives and develop solutions to homelessness worldwide. The organization meets in an annual football tournament teams of homeless every country.

On June 17, the office organized "The World Cup Challenge" an fundraising event with the occasion of the World Cup in Brazil, where guests enjoyed the match Brazil vs. Mexico with unlimited food and drinks with a $200 donation. The event was a success and raised $ 10,000 pesos for the foundation.


Reforestamos México A.C.

Reforestamos Mexico A.C. was born in May 21, 2002 after the great fire of 1998, where several companies were invited to participate with resources to reforest the affected areas. Its mission is to ensure the forests that Mexico needs to develop.

On September 6, the office participated in a reforestation event in Bosque La Primavera, the largest ecological reserve in the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara, where we succeeded in planting 350 trees.


Hermanos Unidos A.C.

Hermanos Unidos an assisted and promotion nonprofit, formed by volunteers in order to improve the quality of life of children suffering from abuse and neglect. Its main objective is to awaken in children the ability to become actively in building a better society.

We visit Trompo Magic with children from the institution conducting recreational activities and a fellowship.

Estancia de María

Home Shelter Estancia de María

Actually, Home Shelter Estancia Maria has 125 children, which offered food and lodging while the mothers go out to work.

In conjuction with Junior League Guadalajara, leaned to the institution with pantries, cleaning supplies, socks and grooming facilities and a fellowship with the children.

Estancia para la senectud

Home Shelter Estancia para la senectud

Institution that receives and assists the elderly people. Colliers International supported, seeking the welfare of more than 25 adults with facility maintenance, 300 square meters of roof waterproofing.

We performed a fellowship in holiday season, consisting of a dinner and gifts.

Albergue Infantilos Los Pinos

Everyones Gives

Everyone Gives grew from a seed planted by the leaders at Colliers International, one of the world's largest commercial real estate firms. The idea germinated and grew through collaboration with other like-minded organizations like Tech Blocks and Stoke seeking to create more and sustainable good from the basis of their own resources.  In 2012 our first event raised more than $650,000 with over 11,000 participants donating to some 1,400 charities in 63 countries.

Colliers Guadalajara supported Albergue Infantil Los Pinos AC Institution.

Organizations supported

Our goal is to raise the level of awareness and social responsibility within our company. We identify organizations that need our support and give our people the freedom to support the projects and groups that are important to them and their local communities.

  • Brazil: SOMAR
  • Chile: CREA +
  • Colombia: Un techo para mi pais
  • Costa Rica: Hogarcito del PANI
  • Mexico, Distrito Federal: Jardin de ninos Corinca y Naturalia
  • Mexico, Guadalajara: Estancia de la Senectud
  • Mexico, Monterrey: Casa Simon de Betania
  • Mexico, Cancun: Liberacion de tortuga marina
  • Panama: Fundacion Nutricional Teresa de Jesus (NUTEJE)
  • Peru: Puericultorio Perez Aranibar

Being Green Matters

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’re proud to be a founding sponsor of the World Green Building Council. It’s the largest international organization influencing the green building marketplace.

Did You Know?

Did you know that most of the world’s greenhouse emissions are not from cars? Cars contribute only about 16% of that pollution, while buildings create 40% of emissions. A small change in building efficiency can make an enormous—positive—environmental impact.