About Colliers Guadalajara

About Colliers Guadalajara

About Colliers International

Colliers International is a leading global commercial and residential real estate services organization defined by our spirit of enterprise. Our 13,500 professionals in over 482 offices worldwide are dedicated to creating strategic partnerships with our clients, providing customized services that transform real estate into a competitive advantage.

About Colliers | Guadalajara

Considered as the city with the greatest potential to attract investment in Mexico, located in the fifth place among the best cities in the future and second in North American economic potential. It has one of the most modern road infrastructure in the country.

Guadalajara is known as Mexico's Silicon Valley due to the high growth and development of the electronics industry, is the leading fabricator of software in the country and the largest in digital electronics and appliances forefront. It is a pioneer in the production and export of textile nationwide.

Our People

Our employees are dedicated to creating strategic partnerships with our clients.  That means listening, and then listening more to understand the subtle business drivers behind key real estate decisions.  We design truly customized services to transform real estate—often one of the largest expenses for a business—into a competitive advantage.  Ultimately, our goal is to accelerate our clients' success.