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Colliers International Keeping Score on Connectivity
Keeping Score on Connectivity in Commercial Real Estate

Modern businesses stumble when Internet connections become sporadic or fail. Never has the expression “time is money” been more appropriate. At best productivity slows, while at other times there may be no reason for employees to be onsite without being plugged in. Complicating matters, weak Wi-Fi can be more than frustrating. Ethernet ports are not included by default on many devices anymore, and mobility is a big deal in collaborative environments. A lot of variables go into making sure a building is up to the task of providing adequate communication infrastructure, many of which are out of the grasp of the layman.

Colliers International Four Essentials for Collaboration
Four Essentials for Collaboration and Innovation

But how on earth do you actually create innovation or collaboration? You can’t just order people to “be more innovative” or put up some motivational posters on the wall. You need to create the circumstances that spark innovation by designing workplaces to enable collaboration and providing collaborative work settings like agile walls, huddle spaces or team areas. In many ways, creating innovation is a management issue. How do you motivate and enable the people part of the equation? Here are my five essentials for collaboration and innovation.

Common Reasons Why Open Plan Offices Fail

When it comes to the open-plan office, both supporting and opposing viewpoints cancel each other out. Those in favor of open plans cite increased interaction among colleagues and decreased square footage requirements that benefit the bottom line. Those who are against open plans typically cite noise and privacy loss as the main drivers of distraction and lowered productivity, which thus negate the bottom line benefits.


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