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    Colliers International Group Inc. is now trading on the NASDAQ (CIGI) and TSX (CIG) as one of the leading publicly traded commercial real estate firms in the world

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Colliers International Goes Public

Colliers International Group Inc. begins trading on NASDAQ (CIGI) and TSX (CIG)

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    Colliers International Group Inc. shares are now listed and traded on NASDAQ as CIGI and the Toronto Stock Exchange as CIG

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  • We're public

    It's official: Colliers International Group Inc. is now public and one of the leading publicly traded commercial real estate firms in the world

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    Get an overview of Colliers' highly regarded international brand, global capabilities and broad array of commercial real estate services

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    Our passionate and committed executives embrace the enterprising spirit of Colliers International

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    Learn about our story as we have evolved from enterprising, independent local business owners to an organization of 502 offices and over 16,300 employees

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    Without physical space, organizations are in danger of becoming so loose that the culture just disappears

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  • Houston's office market experiences a rent correction

    The impact of the energy downturn is shifting Houston’s office market to a tenant-favorable market primarily due to the large amount of sublease space

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  • Federal leasing 101: What is scoring?

    One of the primary issues federal agencies must address when leasing space is budget scoring. Learn all you need to know about this process

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  • Houston's healthcare arms race

    The race for market share is on among Houston's largest healthcare providers, and real estate is the weapon of choice

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  • There's always room for one more good project

    'Location, location, location' is an adage in real estate that we've lived by since forever. But is location still the be-all and end-all?

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  • Going along with the crowd

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  • Dynamic duo: Broker and lawyer

    Don't underestimate the importance of broker and lawyer collaboration in lease negotiations

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