Mark Tarczynski and Adam Tischer represent commercial property owners in the sale of their land or re-development buildings. They provide the following services to these clients:


  • Analyze the property to determine its highest and best use relative to the marketplace. 
  • Engage Architect to create new project design suggestions.
  • Develop pro forma analysis to determine maximum pricing. 
  • Determine possible zone changes and necessary entitlement procedures.
  • Obtain input and support from City Council members. 
  • If necessary or available, secure City Government approval and/or subsidies.
  • Assemble list of appropriate Investor/Developers from extensive, proprietary database. 
  • Present re-development opportunity to Investor/Developers.
  • Create competitive bid process to maximize value. 
  • Secure offers.
  • Negotiate Purchase contract. 


  • Introduce Investor/Developer to appropriate Government Officials.
  • Monitor and assist in negotiations between City and Investor/Developer to minimize Government impact on planned re-development.
  • Facilitate negotiations of Development and Disposition Agreement.
  • Assist in developing Environmental Impact Report and gaining CEQA clearance. (Traffic impact studies, light and shadow studies, etc.)
  • Present and pre-sell planned project to surrounding community. (Highlight advantages and minimize disadvantages)
  • Close the sale.

No other brokers have developed the kind of access to City and State Government Officials that Mark and Adam have. The entitlement process can either make or break a property sale. They work closely with Buyers and Government Officials to manage the entitlement or re-entitlement processes, to ensure that each transaction goes through as quickly as possible – and as originally planned. It is this hands-on assistance that enables them to achieve maximum property value for each Owner/Seller.