Nevada Uplands Nevada Uplands

Property Utilities


  • Private electrical substation
  • Substation steps power down from 120kv to 25kv; three 200amp, 25 kv step down transformers
  • Step-down transformers that provide 480 vold 3 phase power to individual buildings
  • Back-up diesel powered generator system


  • Private high-capacity well system
  • Existing permit for 2.33 million gallons of water that can be pumped annually for use on the property
  • On-site transmission system consisting of 8" loop delivery facilities throughout the developed portion of the property with fire hydrants
  • One 125,000 gallon water tank at main elevation with fire department staging area
  • One 125,000 gallon water tank at upper level that provides gravity feed of water to the looped system
  • Two stage pump system: first stage to bring water to upper level reservoir; and second fire flow pump to energize system in case of high fire flow demand

Nevada Uplands Booklet

This booklet contains detailed information about the Nevada Uplands property. Click here to download the Nevada Uplands booklet.

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