The combination of the new growth in the green energy sector and existing strength in food, life sciences, healthcare and transportation have positioned the region for an economic recovery. Solano is the merging growth center at the heart of the Northern California Mega Region. The County’s unique position as a transportation hub between the major cities of San Francisco and Sacramento mixed with relatively low cost of living and doing business, functional space and clean abundant land, combine to make Solano attractive for business expansion and relocation.

Napa’s declining vacancy rates, even in the face of uncertain economic conditions, are indicative of the strength and stability of the wine industry. This long term stability makes Napa County attractive for investors as investment activity is on the rise.

Development Environment
Job Growth
According to the Solano County Economic Forecast, job growth between 2011 and 2016 is forecast to average 2.9 percent per year.

We have a healthy diversification of business and industry. With the dramatic regional reductions in housing values, our labor costs are once again competitive.