Colliers International has created a Single Point of Contact ("SPOC") service platform to provide asset managers of financial institutions with an advanced method of managing the efficient flow of communications between the client and Colliers professionals on the ground. SPOC teams, comprosing one or more "client team leaders" will be organized based on existing relationships with the financial institutions, product knowledge, geographic considerations and anticipated workload. The two primary purposes of the Colliers SPOC platform are

1. To provide limited access to the asset managers of financial institutions by Colliers professionals in the field so that unsolicited inquiries and redundant sales calls are minimized and replaced by an orderly line of communication between the client and a select number of professionals that are designated to speak on behalf of all of Colliers

2. To assemble an experienced, senior leadership team that will be accountable to the asset managers of financial institutions for the selection of professionals in the field, the adherence to the client's documents, procedures and reporting requirements and the delivery of well-informed and productive results with each assignment undertaken. 

The extent to which clients utilize the Colliers SPOC platform is dictated by the client and can range from introductions by the SPOC team leader to markets and professionals unfamiliar to the client to a "quasi asset management" role, whereby the Colliers SPOC team leader directly interfaces with the client on behalf of the Colliers team in the field and manages, qualifies and recommends to the client all matters requiring action by the client regarding the particular property.

Representing every major market in the U.S., professionals within Colliers International have joined forces under Colliers Asset Resolutions Team to provide financial institutions with SPOC services. Guidelines, protocols and standards of practice have been established and accepted by all Colliers firms for the sole purpose of providing financial institutions with the most productive and efficient means of support during these extraordinary economic times.