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Your negotiations saved us $1.8 million over the course of the lease. By successfully selling three of our four buildings (to date) you saved us $1.35 million in rent increases which we would have incurred had we put the buildings to our new Landlord. (Read Full Reference)Lawson Products Marty Kelly, Director
All the work that went in up front to define the agreement in the Letter of Intent really paid off when we brought in the lawyers to finalize the lease document. I’ve never had one go that smoothly. Thanks for making me look good! (Read Full Reference)Valspar Elizabeth Cannon, Director, Risk & Real Estate
Fred and Jack's insight into the landlord helped us to secure an economic package that exceeded our initial optimistic expectations. (Read Full Reference)Windy City Baldor Jerry Ossowski, President
Your work has enabled us to continue to “make a difference” in our customers’ business. The sale lease back strategy that you recommended exceeded our expectations. I can assure you we will engage your services for future transactions. (Read Full Reference)Welch Packaging Group M. Scott Welch, President/CEO
Often, against Jack’s own short-term interest, he advises us against deals or arrangements that he feels are not in furtherance of our goals and best interests. (Read Full Reference)Klein Tools Richard T. Klein, Chairman & CEO
Our per square foot rental rate went down 20.2% and we upgraded our facility to a newly constructed, 30’ clear, precast building with custom built offices. They also negotiated a $1,000,000 tenant improvement package without Kraus having to pay any out-of-pocket expenses. Jack and Fred did what they promised and their results exceeded our expectations. (Read Full Reference)Kraus Floors Stan Molski, Controller & Director of Operations
In my personal opinion, I believe that the outstanding work and professionalism of Jack Rosenberg and Fred Regnery from Colliers was directly responsible for our success in finding and obtaining the building of our choice, and I have loosely calculated that their skillful negotiations on our behalf will save our company approximately $1.8 million over the seven year term of our lease. (Read Full Reference)Orbus Giles Douglas, President & CEO
Jack and Fred helped us to identify the best location and to negotiate very aggressively for a lease for the chosen building. The concession package they helped us to negotiate saved Technotrans about $500,000 over the term of our lease. (Read Full Reference)Technotrans Markus Gosse, President
They were able to quickly provide us very interesting alternative locations for us to consider, as well as give us strategies on how to work with our current and prospective landlords. (Read Full Reference)Progeny Dental Mark Greenwood, President
Jack and Fred met the high-end of my pricing expectations under an extremely tight deadline. When I again need real estate help in the future, they will be my first call. (Read Full Reference)Harbortown Industries, Inc. Terry Rozdolsky, President/CEO
Their experience and professionalism proved invaluable as they assisted us in a very challenging negotiation with the purchaser of our property. (Read Full Reference)OMRON Jim Eberhart, Director of Finance
With your help, we were able to cut our per square foot lease cost by over 30%. We appreciate the fact that you continued to push the Landlord for more concessions even when we felt we already had a satisfactory deal. (Read Full Reference)Helping Hand Ken Young, Chief Financial Officer
In the end, through lease extension, retroactive free rent and rent abatement, we achieved a 15% lease cost reduction over our existing lease. I would not hesitate to use Fred for any real estate matters. (Read Full Reference)Office Concepts Thomas J. Worniak, President
In the end, USABlueBook realized immediate lease savings, secured a lease expansion for zero rent for 6 months, and lowered our occupancy costs by 15% over the remaining term of our existing lease and through the lease extension. I found Jack and Fred to be smart, tough negotiators who were willing to ask for more on behalf of USABlueBook. (Read Full Reference)USABlueBook Kathleen Burandt, VP, Operations, Growth and Business Development
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