Our project team has extensive experience aligning our customers' real estate and workplace strategies with their core business plan. We deliver customized, accountable and innovative solutions that result in the best service experience.

We manage complex geographic, logistical and market-driven demands and provide unparalleled information for our clients. This creates a competitive advantage for you by having an advisor that will drive scenario planning, make recommendations and implement effectively.

Our integrated services platform combines dedicated, accountable professionals, process management tools, technology and consistent processes with our outstanding local market knowledge. We have an outstanding track record of implementing savings programs and other measurable improvements for our clients, and for many clients our engagements span all service lines in an integrated solution, across the globe.


Colliers prides itself on using proprietary analysis models and tools to thoroughly evaluate and present each potential occupancy scenario for our clients. The integrity of our data and analysis is of paramount importance to us, because it is critical to our client's decision making process. We sweat the details to minimize risk for our clients.

From capital markets opportunity analyses to the Colliers 360 Business Intelligence Dashboard reporting solution, to the Business Strategy Product to our "demand side" portfolio planning tools, innovation is a fundamental cornerstone of our company.

Whether at the portfolio or local market level, innovation is fundamental to continuous improvement and the proactive identification of opportunities that drive best-in-class performance. Your company will benefit through material cost savings, measurable process improvements and successful implementation of programs that are custom designed for you.