Our Project Team is comprised of tenant representation professionals who do not represent owners or landlords of any office properties. Dan Arends, Director of the Office Advisory Group in the Downtown Chicago office, has never represented an owner of real estate on any project in his 25 plus career as he exclusively specializes in tenant representation. His commitment is representing tenants and this is his sole focus.

Develop Strategic Plan

Colliers has deep experience in advising corporations on strategic planning initiatives for their businesses that are impacted by real estate.  Colliers’ process is focused on studying all aspects of both pre-lease and post-lease activities with an emphasis on upfront strategy development so that our solution is tailored to meet the client’s key project objectives and criteria.  We want to be sure that the end solution is one that works and supports the overall business mission.  Just like our client’s businesses, the real estate solution needs to be fluid enough to provide flexibility long into the future.

Review of the Market and Assess the Space Requirement in Various Sites

Colliers has a staff of four research individuals whose sole responsibility is providing information on every building and tenant in the market. This group is supplemented by our team of 30 office brokers in Chicago supplying the information to our proprietary software. We also supplement this information by subscribing to CoStar, Chicago’s largest real estate information group. This market information is particularly critical in finding “shadow spaces” – those spaces that are not on the market yet, but will be available prior to your lease commencement.  This is critical in not only uncovering additional options, but also helps us uncover any expansion flexibility that you may require. We need to know what each tenant is doing in the market you select, so we can assemble the parcels that make the most sense for you today and on into the future.

Financial Evaluation and Analysis

Colliers prides itself on using proprietary, customized analysis models and tools to thoroughly evaluate and present each potential occupancy scenario for our clients.  The integrity of our data and analysis is of paramount importance to us, because it is critical to our client’s decision making process.  We scrutinize the details to minimize our clients’ risk and will provide our clients with informed and defensible solutions – we manage your risk.

Negotiate Lease Agreement

The negotiation process is a critical component of the transaction cycle. Colliers will focus on two key elements in its negotiating strategy. First, negotiating compelling lease economics and flexibility and second, setting the stage to achieve a whole host of “non-economic” terms and conditions that will be of operational and economic value to our client. Additionally, Dan Arends has a law degree and has negotiated over 1,500 leases in his career. This valuable knowledge is important to ensure the necessary lease provisions are incorporated in a way that is favorable to the client.

“Our view of negotiating leases for our clients is simple: We are relentless in our pursuit of our clients’ interests.  We do not stop until we get satisfactory provisions in place for all aspects of the commitment…. period.”

Project Management

Once a location is selected, our full-service team can help our clients with all phases of the construction of their space, including bidding and selecting a contractor, all the way to closing out the punchlist. This includes assisting with coordinating the move and all telephone, furniture and fixturing.