Don Moss and his team were brought on by RTI International through a long-standing relationship to assist in establishing a new manufacturing plant in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia in an area with a favorable labor climate. The building itself was to be 80,000 SF. The key drivers were: a site that could accommodate heavy power requirements with a 20 mva connected load and 12 mva operating load, and 50 mcf per hour of gas consumption. An existing facility needed to have at least 15-ton crane capacity, a minimum of 60’ bay spacings and a minimum of 25’ clear ceilings heights.


Don Moss and his team began to prepare a study of buildings that would meet RTI’s criteria in its preferred geographic area. Based on RTI International’s very specific utility and structural requirements, the list was narrowed to seven facilities. The strategy included finding buildings that met requirements, assessing demographics, and keeping the project confidential. Because of its projected capital investment of $200 million and job creation of 150-200 employees, the project was kept confidential, and was referred to as “Project I”. From there, Don Moss and representatives from RTI conducted an initial inspection trip also involving state and local representatives.


Bids and negotiations were made on behalf of RTI International for two buildings that potentially could fit its needs. After not meeting its bids or terms, and changing its focus to obtain a larger facility ranging between 150,000-200,000 SF, Don Moss and his team began to identify build-to-suit sites in North Carolina and Virginia that could accommodate RTI. The focus of RTI International eventually landed on an 80,000 SF shell building in Martinsville, VA with extra land for expansion. While negotiating the real estate, as well as local and state incentives, Don Moss and his team obtained a temporary certificate of occupancy to store equipment while the building was being upfitted prior to closing on the transaction.


Don Moss and his team assisted RTI International in closing on the acquisition of the 80,000 SF shell building. Additionally, they negotiated with the local economic development corporation to acquire an extra 20 acres of land at no cost. RTI completed upfits to the original 80,000 SF shell with a 40,000 SF addition. Also, they constructed a 40’ high foundry facility on the additional 20 acres of land. RTI International finished the product in 2010, and began its hiring phase in the first quarter of 2012.