Don Moss and his team were brought on by Carolina Commercial, LLC to participate in directly marketing ARC/ Mikasa’s, a company based in France that is widely known as one of the world’s premier manufacturers of a wide range of table top items, 849, 850 square foot specialized distribution facility. Given the highly specialized nature of the distribution center and the limited number of companies worldwide that would be a perfect fit, Don Moss and his team had to effectively identify and procure the perfect buyer. The building was climate controlled, contained 66,000 square feet of class “A” office space, featured a 75’ clear high bay racking area, as well as extensive computer operated material handling equipment. Procuring the perfect buyer that could effectively utilize the building, would serve as an arduous task.


Don Moss and his team realized that the vast majority of initial prospects were investors. Therefore, consideration was given to retrofitting the building in order to make a more generic warehouse space. However, the costs for such a retrofitting were significant and would have greatly reduced the selling price. Consequently, the focus was concentrated on heavy marketing campaigns.


Don Moss and his team undertook an extensive marketing program that included the creation of a dedicated marketing website. Through using their wide network of contacts, targeting potential prospects outside the immediate area, and involving national and international affiliates, Don Moss and his team identified a Canadian based company, Gildan Activewear, which would be an ideal user for the building. Don Moss and his team facilitated negotiations between the seller in France and the buyer in Canada, as well as local and state governments. Negotiations were intense and detailed, and Don Moss and his team competently, creatively and persistently managed the process, even when faced with a bankruptcy filing by the seller which could have impeded the sale.


Ultimately, the bankruptcy issues were resolved, the sale of the property closed in a timely manner, and the client’s goals and expectations were both met and exceeded.