Colliers Boston Research created the STEM Occupation Composite based on Occupational Employment Statistics from the BLS. Close to 80 occupational categories related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics were included in the composite in order to identify workers in STEM-related fields.

  • Location Quotient (LQ) is a way of quantifying how concentrated a particular industry group is in a region as compared to the nation. If an LQ is equal to 1, then the industry has the same share of its area employment as it does in the national average. If an LQ is greater than 1, then the industry concentration is higher than average.
  • Below is a map of the MSAs where the STEM Occupation Composite’s Location Quotient is equal to or greater than one. Large clusters of STEM workers exist in the greater Boston area, Silicon Valley, Denver, Seattle, and the greater D.C. area.

Stem Worker Clusters - Chart