Boston’s Downtown Crossing – a bastion of history and architecture matched by few, if any, downtown areas in the U.S. – has experienced a vibrant revitalization in the years following the recession and the infamous “hole in the ground.” With the stimulus of public initiative, a recovering economy, and the completion of the long-stalled Millennium Tower project, the area is now one of the fastest-growing residential neighborhoods in the city. Provided below are figures quantifying the area’s revitalization over the past half-decade.

  • Though long seen as an ideal location for professional office and retail uses, Downtown Crossing has also recently become a preferred location for smaller start-up and tech firms. Between 2011 and 2015, 36 start-up and tech firms have relocated to Downtown Crossing.
  • In response to high demand for sustainable, transit-oriented development, the number of residential units in Downtown Crossing has increased rapidly in recent years. Between 2011 and 2016, 1,963 housing units have been constructed.
  • In addition to charted growth, demand in the area looks to continue for years to come, with up to 2.1 million square feet of new residential, retail, and office development under review at the BRA. Notable development proposals include a mixed-use redevelopment of the Winthrop Square garage, as well as a 680-foot, 59-story residential high-rise at One Bromfield Street.

To read more about the area’s remarkable transformation, the BID’s recently released report can be found here.