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Office Leasing Guide


The final stage of the process provides the perfect opportunity to re-think office imperatives and promote organizational effectiveness, community, communication and productivity.

Design development and construction approval

  • Engagement and full briefing of all other specialists and consultants
  • Commencement of detailed design
  • Development of finishes selection
  • Short list of furniture options
  • Review of likely tenant improvement costs
  • Detailed construction timeline preparation
  • Documentation for building owner and authorities
  • Stakeholder coordination

Detailed design and documentation phase

  • Preparation of documentation for a construction bid
  • Finalize furniture selection
  • Finalize the selection of tenant improvement finishes
  • Obtain building and construction permitting

Bid review phase

  • Determine agreed bid review panel
  • Review and assess bid responses
  • Bid management and analysis

Contract administration

  • Manage the delivery process and administer contracts
  • Appoint all approved contractors and suppliers including head tenant improvement contractor
  • Coordination of all required meetings
  • Coordination of quality control inspections
  • Cost and variation management
  • Project manage delivery program
  • Project completion/occupation
  • Oversee practical completion
  • Timely issue of the Code of Compliance certificate
  • Inspection and sign-off
  • Manage the identification and completion of all outstanding and defective works
  • Cost reporting and final accounts
  • As-built drawings, operating manuals, guarantees and warranties
  • Final inspection and completion of works at the end of the defects liability period

Office Leasing Guide

Office Leasing

Top Ten

  1. Beginning the negotiation of a renewal or new lease too late
  2. Lacking clearly defined business or real estate objectives
  3. Focusing exclusively on financial costs
  4. Failing to appoint a project leader as the internal single point of contact
  5. Making inaccurate estimations of the company’s space requirements
  6. Failing to leave enough time at the end of the lease to fulfill “make good” obligations
  7. Acting too slowly once a decision is made and consequently missing out on opportunities
  8. Agreeing to terms prior to obtaining a space planning perspective
  9. Failing to allow for expansion space
  10. Lacking the knowledge of future opportunities; often, the best deals are secured well in advance of space becoming available