Services Provided

  • National Tenant Representation
  • Build-to-Suit
  • Disposition Marketing
  • Site Selection Analysis

Background and Challenges

As an emerging Third Party Logistics Provider in the early 90's, DSC Logistics required analysis on many markets nationwide. Colliers became involved in providing site selection information to the firm for analysis of their real estate options for supply chain management. The challenges that surfaced were multi-faceted starting with determination of real estate cost prior to finalizing a transaction. Providing flexibility is essential throughout the process as the end client needs are quantified and continually refined. Confidentiality is a critical component as the team moves through each phase of the location process.


Each project begins with a pre-determined set of specifications known to DSC Logistics which are input into the site model. These specifications are then matched to the availabilities in each market under consideration and the short list process begins. The client real estate team then inputs the facility requirements into the Request for Proposal to generate the first round of cost responses to their end client.

The goal is to analyze each market, provide a comprehensive overview of advantages and challenges and create a decision platform for DSC Logistics' management to approach their clients.


The nearly 20 year relationship has produced lease/sale/build-to-suit projects totaling over 16 million square feet around the country.