Unreserved Rates (monthly)

  • Unreserved parking rates in Atlanta’s urban core increased for a second consecutive year, in both the overall high and average amounts; while the low remained unchanged. The unreserved average increased again by 3% this year and is now $99 per month. The high increased by only $1 per month with the change coming from 250 Williams Street in Downtown which is now quoting $151 per month for an unreserved parking space.

Reserved Rates (monthly)

  • Following the mostly unchanged amounts from 2016, Atlanta’s reserved parking rates saw an average increase of 3% in 2017. The overall low reserved space increased to $60 per month, located at Atlanta Tech Village. The high remained the same at $200 per month and is located at 1180 Peachtree. Regarding submarkets, Buckhead had the highest increase in its reserved parking rates this year. The average is up 7% to $127 per month, and the reserved high is up 3% to $160 per month. The largest increase came from the submarket’s reserved low which increased 20% from last year. As mentioned, this was at Atlanta Tech Village.

Daily Maximums and Hourly Rates

  • Parking for the day increased this year in Atlanta’s urban core with the average daily maximum rate up a dollar from last year to $14. The hourly average showed no change; however the hourly max increased 33% to $16. The daily low amount remains in Downtown, and the daily high remains in Midtown at the Campanile Building.