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  • Commercial Property Executive’s Top Property Managers

    Colliers International earns the top spot in the annual ranking for the second consecutive year.

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  • Colliers International Reports Strong Second Quarter Results

    Revenues up 13% (15% in local currency) and solid increase to earnings.

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  • Global Workplace Trends 2017 White Paper
    Global Workplace Trends: 5 Shifts Companies Must Make in the Next 5 Years

    Key trends businesses should address in the workplace to stay ahead.

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  • How Driverless Cars Will Reshape the Built Environment

    The built environment adapting to driverless cars may be what ultimately determines its success.

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  • Colliers International Earns Top Company Status

    Sustained excellence continues in Size & Growth, Awards & Certifications, Programs for Innovation and Customer References.

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  • Colliers 360
    Colliers360 Dashboard & Analytics

    A user-friendly, efficient, flexible dashboard and analytics technology that provides complete coverage for clients' Corporate Real Estate needs.

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  • Visionary Leader Impacts Outsourcing and Real Estate

    Dylan Taylor sees the trends of coworking and freelance talent along with automation having a greater influence on how we work.

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  • Right Honourable Stephen Harper
    Board of Directors Appointment

    Colliers International appoints Canada’s former Prime Minister Stephen Harper to its Board of Directors

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Colliers International Retail Services

Research and Analysis

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  • Q2 2017 Top Office Metros Snapshot Report

    Office markets remain solid as rents peak and vacancy levels off.

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  • Global Workplace Trends 2017 White Paper
    Global Workplace Trends: 5 Shifts Companies Must Make in the Next 5 Years

    Key trends businesses should address in the workplace to stay ahead.

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  • Retail Dimensions of Health Care Report Part II

    Exploring retail in the health care setting.

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  • Q1 2017 U.S. Office Market Outlook Report

    Strong U.S. office market continues to cool but select upside remains.

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  • Q1 2017 U.S. Industrial Market Outlook Report

    Industrial market strong despite a break from record activity.

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  • Why Online Isn’t the End of the Physical Retail Store

    Myths, misconceptions and opportunities.

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  • Industrial U.S. Seaport Outlook

    Learn about the key trends impacting nine major U.S. ports and the surrounding industrial real estate markets.

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  • Retail Dimensions of Health Care Report Part I

    Examining the increased presence of health care in the retail setting.

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  • 2016 Capital Flows Year-End Review and 2017+ Outlook Report

    U.S. property markets still robust but approaching top of cycle.

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  • Law Firm Services 2016 Year-End Review & Outlook

    Amidst rising rents and falling vacancies, North American law firms seek efficiencies.

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  • 2016 Year-End Industrial Logistics & Transportation Big-Box Report

    North American big-box development and leasing achieves best year yet.

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  • 10 Emerging U.S. Industrial Markets to Watch in 2017

    Learn about the emerging U.S. industrial markets positioned to experience the most robust increases in demand.

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  • 2017 Health Care Marketplace Report

    Despite record occupancy, areas of uncertainty remain for health care.

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  • 2016 Multifamily Spotlight

    Multifamily remains a smart play despite growing questions and challenges.

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  • Colliers International commercial real estate research
    Research and Analysis

    Take advantage of the latest market research in commercial real estate.

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  • Colliers International Follow us on LinkedIn
    Follow us on LinkedIn

    Connect with career opportunities, find Colliers professionals and join the discussion.

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  • Colliers International Knowledge Leader Blog
    Colliers' Business Blog

    Insights for the 21st Century. Check out the latest from Knowledge Leader, Colliers' business blog.

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Commercial Real Estate

Insights for the 21st Century

Check out the latest from Knowledge Leader, Colliers' business blog

  • The Hows and Whys of Investing in Manufactured Housing

    Would-be investors facing steep competition within the industrial, hospitality, office and apartment sectors are increasingly turning to an altern...

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  • Going Open: The Right Office Space Can Be Transfor...

    “Open office” — these are not just buzz words. Virtually every client we work with is interested in how an open office environment can benefit the...

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  • Retail Market Spotlight: Calgary

    The Retail Next Gen Series is composed of posts contributed by Colliers professionals across North America who have joined the commercial real est...

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  • Q2 2017 U.S. Top Office Metros Snapshot: Office Ma...

    Colliers International’s Q2 2017 U.S. Top Office Metros Snapshot report shows that fundamentals in the 10 major office markets in the U.S. largely...

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  • Enhancing the Workplace Through Connections With Nature

    “Do you want to just go to the bar?” And so ends the meeting that two creatives with a well-known ad firm were attempting to hold in the outdoor c...

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  • Lease Accounting: CFOs Are Missing a One-Time Rest...

    Many companies are on the verge of missing a valuable chance to positively affect the financial statement treatment of their real estate leases. A...

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  • AI in Building Management: Here Come the Smart Bui...

    Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on one square inch of integrated circuit will double every year. Recently, I thought of this 196...

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  • Amazon Prime Time: World Domination May Be Next

    There is a turf war embroiling the interwebs as Amazon sets its sights on world domination. At least that’s what it looks like from where I’m sitt...

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  • Breakout Retail Developments Attract the Live-Work...

    The Retail Next Gen Series is composed of posts contributed by Colliers professionals across North America who have joined the commercial real est...

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  • U.S. Industrial Market Spotlight: Grand Rapids

    “The greater Grand Rapids area and West Michigan as a whole have long been committed to manufacturing. With a strong skilled workforce and a strat...

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  • Global Workplace Trends: Simple Steps to Take Right Now

    Every day, my workplace strategy colleagues and I help businesses around the world create workspaces that are good for people and that drive meani...

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  • 7 Ways the Internet of Things Is Changing Retail

    The Retail Next Gen Series is composed of posts contributed by Colliers professionals across North America who have joined the commercial real est...

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  • Retail Dimensions of Health Care Part II: Retail i...

    In our two-part Retail Dimensions of Health Care Report, we explore the ways health care facilities are approaching location in retail and communi...

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  • Designing the Office for the New Legal Landscape: ...

    “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” That turn of phrase from the late Yogi Berra, while amusing, contains a great deal of wisdom. Law ...

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  • Interactive Map: U.S. Minimum Wages by State

    The availability and cost of labor is one of the most important parts of site selection in industrial real estate. Currently, 29 states in the U.S...

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  • Summer Retail Trend Roundup

    Ahh, summer. It’s time to take a break from work, hit the beach and relax — unless you are in the retail industry, that is. Retailers traditionall...

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