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Thailand Property Research Reports Q3 2017

Thailand Quarterly Reports

Q3 2017 | Bangkok Condominium Report

In 3Q 2017, the average take-up rate of all condominium units in Bangkok was approximately 76%, while more than 36,000 units wait to be absorbed by the market. Approximately 520,750 condominium units are completed and registered in Bangkok.

In 3Q 2017, nearly 18,810 units were launched, which marks the highest influx of units during the past few years. The average price of all new condominium units launched has steadily increased every quarter. English  | Thai

Q3 2017 | Bangkok Serviced Apartment Report

The primary client group of serviced apartment units are expatriates living in Bangkok, although not all expatriates have opted to stay in such serviced apartments. A slight majority (55.6%) of all serviced apartment units in Bangkok are located in the area along Sukhumvit Road.

The average occupancy rate in all locations exceeded 70% and in some locations exceeded even 90%. The average monthly rental rate exceeded THB840 per sq m in all locations except the Southern Fringe Area.

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Q3 2017 | Bangkok Office Report

Demand continued to show improvement from 1H 2017, due to limited available office space; the government is also trying to attract more foreign investments. Supply remains limited due to the lack of new supply entering the market, especially Grade A in prime locations.

Occupancy rates in main locations are higher than 90%; most Grade A buildings in close proximity to mass transit systems are showing high occupancy rates. Rental rates have been driven upwards over the past two to three years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2017, but may be lower than in the past.

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Q3 2017 | Bangkok Retail Report

Many local and international brands or shops are seeking an opportunity to step into the Thai market. Approximately 148,610 sq m of new retail space were added to the market during the first three quarters of 2017, and around 57,250 sq m are scheduled to be completed in 4Q 2017.

The average occupancy rate in all locations was higher than 96%. The average rental rates in all locations of Bangkok and the surrounding areas in 3Q 2017 remain similar to those of the previous quarter.

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