Management of the Sales Process: 

  • Consultation and analysis regarding market conditions, pricing and structure
  • Preparation of marketing materials, including the investment memorandum 
  • Contact with potential investors and coordination of the marketing process 
  • Coordination of vendor due diligence 
  • Consultation and analysis during negotiations with potential investors 
  • Coordination of the closing process in cooperation with vendor’s legal counsel and team

Advisory Services for Investors: 

  • Consultation and analysis regarding offering price and terms 
  • Opportunity or “value add” analyses 
  • Financial modeling 
  • Offer structuring 
  • Preliminary commercial due diligence

Equity Raising: 

  • Preparation of offering memorandums 
  • Contact with potential investors and “road shows” 
  • Coordination of negotiations and closing processes

Debt Procurement:

  • Preparation of request summary and memorandums 
  • Contact with banks, funds as required 
  • Solicitation of term sheets 
  • Coordination of negotiations and closing processes

Market Research: 

  • European, national, regional, local 
  • Analysis of key trends and indicators
  • Forecasting

Feasibility, Highest and Best Use Studies: 

  • Preliminary master planning for sites 
  • Consultation regarding phasing 
  • Capital value analyses

Opinion of Value Reports: 

  • A “snapshot” concerning probable market value 
  • Summary of comparable properties and sales 
  • Planning and permitting review and update 
  • Summary financial analysis

Property Financing Advisory Services:

  • Origination of investment and development financing
  • Refinancing of existing (financing) obligations
  • Structured financial products, including property lease financing