1. Rules and regulations (“Rules”) describe the way of using the Website, (“Website”). Terms in the Rules are the only base of rights and duties for those using the Website, excluding the conditions regulated by the rules of law. 

2. The administrator of the Website is Colliers International Poland Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, a limited liability company incorporated under laws of Poland, with its registered office in Warsaw, (zip code: 00–078 Warsaw), Pl. Piłsudskiego 3, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under number KRS: 135840 (“The administrator”). 

3. The Website is a digital platform designed to provide informational services (providing information on real estate market through provision of particular websites, automatically or on User’s request).  


1. Use of the Website by the Users is free of charge, however using certain parts of the Website’s resources requires registration. To register, the User must have an active email account. When registering, the User is asked to fill in the. Once the Used has completed and sent the formulae, the User will receive the activation link to the account that will provide access to the resources on the Website, which use requires prior registration.  

2. The Website is used to publish information on the real estate market and information regarding services offered by the Administrator. Services offered on the Website include: presentation of sales offers or lease offers of commercial properties, tt might even be a possibility to ask direct inquiries about the particular offers, downloading of informational materials about the real estate market. 

3. The Website is dedicated for business Users. 

4. The Administrator is authorized to remove any User’s account without any reason only after having informed the User about the decision. In particular the Administrator is authorized to remove the account of a User whom did not fill in all the required data as mentioned in § 2 point 1 or  has filled in the incorrect data. Regardless of the above the Administrator is authorized to suspend the account of a User suspected of using the data from the Website for competitive business activity against the Administrator. 

5. Use of the resources of the Website by the User is in no way equal to acquisition of any kind of copy or ownership rights to those resources. 

6. The Administrator takes due care to provide the most up to date and accurate data, however the data may differ from the actual facts. As such, the Administrator does not take any responsibility for reliability and authenticity of the data contained on the Website. The User should verify the data acquired from the Website prior to undertaking any decisions based on the data from the Website, in particular business decisions. 

7. The Administrator is not responsible for any brakes and interruptions to access to the Website. The Administrator is authorized to suspend the activity of the Website at any moment without informing Users of a reason of this action. 

8. If a breach of the Rules by the User will cause harm to a third person or to the Administrator, the User will be obligated to repair the harm done.  


1. The Administrator is obligated to protect the personal data of the Users. 

2. A user registering to gain access to the Website’s resources automatically accepts the policy of the Administrator to process personal data of the User according to the Personal Data Protection Act from 29.08.1997 (j.t. Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926 with later changes). 

3. The User has the right to view his/her personal data at any moment. Per the User’s request, sent to the administrator, to the email address mentioned in §6 point 1. The Administrator may correct the data put in by the User or remove the User’s account from the Website. Personal data of the User whose account has been removed will be deleted by the Administrator.  


1. The Administrator is not responsible in any way for actions or decisions made by the User after his/her use of the Website and its resources. 

2. The Administrator is not responsible for any limitations of access due to technical nature or any other kind of distortion or interruption, which exclude a User or make it difficult to use the Website.  


1. The Rules apply from the moment they have been published on the Website. The Administrator stipulates the right to change the rules at any time and in any scope whatsoever. 

2. All changes to the rules become valid from the moment of their publication on the Website. Each User wishing to use the Website’s resources, acknowledges that  1. He/she has familiarized him/herself with the Rules, and 2. Accepts the content of the Rules and 

3.  Confirms to abide by the Rules.  


1. Any complaints due to the malfunctioning of the website are to be sent to the Administrator’s email address: 

2. Cases not included in the Rules but referring to its content are subject to the Polish Law.