Christmas markets take place in every major European city from the end of November until the first days of January and in countries that follow the Julian calendar (Belarus, Ukraine) even until the end of January. Typical products available are: food, regional dishes, cured meats, baked goods and lots of sweets, as well as Christmas decorations and all kinds of handicrafts. Cultural events and entertainment as well as other seasonal attractions add to the festivities.

The rental  prices range from EUR 60 to EUR 120  for a stall each day. The most expensive stall rental price is the Christmas market in Prague. Many Christmas markets offer stalls to charity organisations without charging rent. These organisations present their activities, sell different products and collected funds go to their charity operations.

The Christmas market in Zagreb (Croatia) was voted The Best European Christmas Market in 2016 by Best European Destinations Organization and offers a variety of events and delicious food.

The Christmas market in Wroclaw (Poland) is the biggest in the CEE region in terms of number of stalls (150) and is regarded as the most beautiful in Poland.

The smallest market is in Belgrade (Serbia) but takes place in the main pedestrian street protected by legislation as one of the oldest and most valuable landmarks in the city. Also, the goods available are different from standard Christmas markets. Visitors can purchase chimney cake, mulled beer with honey, onion jam and hot pepper marmalade.

The Christmas tree in Vilnius (Lithuania) won the title of the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe by European Best Destinations. The tree is 27-metres tall and so bright that it can be easily spotted from an airplane.

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