The survey shows that 41% of respondents have a totally neutral attitude to Christmas shopping, while for 32% of them it may even be a pleasure. Women find it more of a pleasure (43% of surveyed women), while men are more neutral (53%). The Interesting fact is that for 35 % surveyed men Christmas shopping is a nightmare.

The majority of people start buying Christmas presents 2 to 4 weeks before the holiday. Only 10% of respondents have their gifts bought one month in advance.

The most popular Christmas gifts are from the health & beauty sector (20%), multimedia (18%) and fashion (16%). The lowest share is for electronics (8%) and sports equipment (4%).

The most often chosen gifts are from shops like: Sephora, Douglas, Rossmann (health & beauty category), Empik, Matras, Świat Książki (multimedia), H&M, Zara, Reserved, Apart, W. Kruk, Yes (fashion ), Media Markt, Saturn, RTV Euro AGD (electronics), Decathlon, Go Sport, Sports Direct (sports equipment), Smyk, Mothercare, Toys R Us (toys), Ikea, Home&You and Duka (home).

– The domination of some shops and brands in respondents’ replies may show that in some sectors the choice is still limited and that we choose products from the average price range – comments Agnieszka Luścińska, Analyst in Research and Consultancy Department, Colliers International. and turned out to be the most popular websites among the respondents., and were also mentioned by respondents.

According to the survey carried out by Colliers, Poles do their Christmas shopping thoughtfully and in advance. Despite the increase of the popularity of online shopping, most of us decide to buy Christmas gifts in traditional shops where we can see and touch the products.