J.S. Hamilton Poland, a provider of independent inspection and analytical services to a variety of industries, moved into the building in July 2014. The company leased 154 sqm of office space. Techem a supplier of energy management solutions for the real estate industry, has leased office space (475 sqm) and warehouse space (403 sqm). Falck Medycyna – the largest private provider of emergency medical services in Poland will occupy office space (780 sqm) and warehouse space (145 sqm) from January 2015.

The Kolmet office and warehouse complex is located on Jana Olbrachta street, 5 km from Warsaw’s CBD. The Wola Park shopping mall is situated in a close proximity to  the building. The property comprises 12,000 sqm of office space and 7,700 sqm of warehouse space. The office space spreads over 6 floors. Tenants and their guests have at their disposal 360 parking spaces.

“We are pleased to welcome J.S. Hamilton Poland, Techem and Falck as new tenants at Kolmet confirming the continuing appeal of the building with its unique combination of office and warehouse space on one site. The Wola district within the Warsaw office and warehouse sub-market is becoming increasingly important ” – commented Chris Naylor, Partner at Mosaic Property LLP.