Green Caffè Nero cafe will be located in the very centre of the mall, with the highest traffic intensity. The original design elements include a rust-coloured wall of corten steel and oak bar matching the ornamented mirrors. Besides aromatic coffee, clients will be able to taste fresh food prepared on site and based on regional products.

Colliers International has been constantly cooperating with Green Caffè Nero since 2012. Over the last five years, the company has advised the client in leasing half of its 55 cafes in Poland, thereby helping the client in accomplishing its business goals.

“Green Caffè Nero stands out not only thanks to the taste of its coffee, but also design creating home atmosphere. The brand opens its cafes in interesting spots with rich history and in most popular retail locations, hence the choice of Galeria Północna with over 200 various stores. We are immensely happy with the client’s trust and satisfaction from our services, which results in carrying out new projects together,” said Małgorzata Kobziakowska, Associate Director at the Retail Agency, Colliers International.

Green Caffè Nero coffee shops are located in the main shopping streets, best shopping malls and office complexes in Warsaw and its satellite cities. In 2016, Green Caffè Nero entered Kraków market, while this year the company opened two coffee shops in Wrocław.

“We want to be closer to our clients, and therefore we are consistently expanding the scale of our operations. We hope that our new cafe will satisfy coffee aficionados in Białołęka. We are pleased that Colliers International advisors are supporting us in dynamic development. Their individual approach and professional advisory give us certainty that Green Caffè Nero cafes are located in the most prestigious locations,” said Adam Ringer, CEO of Green Caffè Nero.

Green Caffè Nero brand was created by Gerry Ford – owner of Caffè Nero and Adam Ringer – founder and CEO of Green Coffee. Since the opening of its first coffee shop in 2012, Green Caffè Nero has been devoted to the mission of its founders, meaning offering the best quality of coffee and creating cosy, home atmosphere, in which one can enjoy a cup of coffee.