The intense competition in Poznań is underlined by the following data – one shopping centre in the agglomeration serves an average of 43,400 people and there is annually PLN 44,900 for each square metre. The purchasing power of Poznan’s inhabitants is 32% higher than the national average. The high density ratio of shopping centres (755 sqm/1,000 inhabitants) is the result of stock totaling 622,500 sqm.

Traditional shopping centres constitute 85% of the total stock but it is also possible to shop in a retail park (12% of total supply) or an outlet centre (3%). The fact that small convenience shopping centres comprise 7% of the total stock shows how diverse the market is.

The highest profile shopping centre in Poznań is the Stary Browar Art and Business Centre (47,500 sqm) located in the city centre (built in place of the former Hugger brewery), composed of retail, office and gastronomic space and a hotel. Galeria Malta (54,200 sqm  and Poznań City Center (58,000 sqm) are also popular places to go shopping and spend free time.

The pioneers of the retail market in Poznań were Panorama, Park Handlowy Franowo and ETC Swarzędz, which all opened in the first half of the 1990s and which are all presently being renovated and reconstructed. The youngest retail scheme in Poznań is the small convenience shopping centre Galeria Dębiec (9,800 sqm), which was built in 2014.

Poznań’s shopping centres contain approx. 1,540 stores. The centres offering the most stores are Stary Browar (approx. 215 units) and Galeria Malta (approx. 160 units). The largest tenant groups are fashion (29%) and services (12%).

“The significant influx of competition means that there are no medium-term prospects of any investments at an advanced stage. However, several shopping centres are being renovated or are preparing for renovations and reconstructions (e.g. Panorama),” said Katarzyna Michnikowska, Senior Analyst, Research and Consultancy Services at Colliers International.

The vacancy rate in Poznań is 3.7% and due to the high density ratio it experiences an upward trend. Most of the available space is recorded in small shopping centres and older retail resources. The tenant mix is still being supplemented in Poznań City Center, which was opened in 2013.

Monthly rents for retail space in Poznań are in the range EUR 47-49 per sqm/month.