The Gala took place at the end of May in the building of Warsaw Stock Exchange. The competition is organized by Fundacja Świętego Mikołaja foundation, Rzeczpospolita daily and MillwardBrown SMG/KRC research institute. The aim of the competition is to identify women friendly companies which allow them to combine motherhood with professional development.

Colliers has been awarded for its engagement and rising work standards for mothers as well as for outstanding results from surveys conducted among women from the company.

I am proud that Colliers has been awarded in such a competition and I am pleased that mums feel so comfortably at Colliers. I am a mum myself and I do realize how important employer’s support and understanding is for pregnant women. The certainty that the company’s doors are open for mums coming back from their maternity leaves gives security and allows to concentrate on the role of being a mum.” – comments Monika Rajska-Wolińska, Managing Partner, Colliers International.

Colliers offers parents real solutions such as additional month of payable maternity leave and 2 weeks of paternity leave, flexible working hours for pregnant women and the possibility to shorten daily working time. Parents of older children can benefit from six additional days of holidays devoted to their children’s care. Such privileges are not very common but at Colliers they have long been a standard.” – adds Monika Rajska-Wolińska     

This year’s honour is not the first award of this type for the company. In 2009 Colliers International won the title of a Mum Friendly Company awarded by Agora S.A. publishing house. Bank Zachodni WBK and IKEA Retail were additional winners of that edition. The aim of the plebiscite is to promote the companies which implement solutions allowing women to keep the balance of working and being an active mum.