Warehouses.pl is a complex tool which allows to search for warehouses according to certain criteria specific for this sector. An interesting option is connecting the search engine with maps – thanks to which search results are automatically visualized. Almost all warehouses come with high resolution panoramic photos which allow to examine the building or its surroundings and check details such as minimal available units, year built or GPS coordinates. Warehouses.pl also offers over 100 Full HD films presenting the biggest logistic centres in Poland. The website is currently the biggest database of A class warehouses.    

Warehouses.pl enables its users to serach for warehouse space according to the certain criteria such as: developer, region, city, project status, fire load, building depth, floor load, etc. The search can also be made with the use of the map, showing special economic zones, logistic hubs, roads which are currently under construction or planned ones. Another interesting tool, particularly useful for tenants, allows website guests to compare particular warehouses on the basis of their parameters.  

Poza bazą danych serwis warehouses.pl oferuje również najświeższe komentarze ekspertów, szczegółowy opis największych rynków magazynowych w Polsce, raporty rynkowe, a nawet słownik pojęć logistyczno-magazynowych. Użytkownik może także zamówić bezpłatną mapę magazynów w Polsce.

Warehouses.pl is also a source of the most current news and reports from industrial market, detailed description of the key industrial areas. Users can order a free map of industrial buildings in Poland.

Warehouses.pl is a reply to our clinets’ needs, which can find an interesting warehouse space or compare available logistic parks quickly and effectively.” – comments Tomasz Kasperowicz, Partner,  Industrial and Logistics Agency, Colliers International.

Colliers plans to implement further innovative solutions which could facilitate lease or sale process of new warehouse space. The market is getting more and more dynamic and clients expect to receive fast and reliable service. Our new search engine is the first step to future development which I hope will contribute to even better results than 580,000 m2 of space leased by our department last year.” – adds Kasperowicz

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warehouses.pl in a nutshell:

  • warehouse serach connected with interactive maps
  • over 100 Full HD films
  • high resolution panoramic photos of available warehouses
  • the biggest database of A class warehouses
  • database of industrial developers
  • warehouse comparing tools
  • the most current industrial market Information and reports
  • logistics and warehouse notions dictionary
  • free maps with warehouses