Each Human Centered Places conference will focus on the expectations of those who use real estate, whose needs are the driving force behind changes in shaping office, retail and warehouses spaces. The First meeting entitled ‘Innovation Districts: expectations, solutions, prospects’, taking place on 20 June 2018 in Warsaw, will feature a group of experts from Polish and international companies who will discuss the impact of technological development on our environment and working philosophy, and also what innovations await us in the future.

The experts will also touch on the topic of a generation change, which is visible in Polish and global labour markets and is forcing companies to abandon their current structures and re-orient their approach towards staff and offices.

The demands of new generations are forcing employers to change their perception that an office is just a place to work at a desk. Of increasing importance now are innovations in terms of space arrangements and new technologies that enhance work, comfort and safety, but also change the way we behave,” says Monika Rajska-Wolińska, Managing Partner at Colliers International in Poland. “A modern office should reflect the needs of all age groups. On the one hand, there are millennials and Generation Z, who were brought up with new technology, while on the other there are experienced employees from Generation Z and baby boomers who have been present in companies’ structures for a longer time. It is a challenge for all of us,” adds Monika Rajska-Wolińska.

Modern technology, apart from the opportunities and hope it gives us, can also be a source of fear. Even today, there are predictions that some professions may be obsolete in the future due to automation. At the same time, there are also jobs for which demand is increasing in line with technological development. But questions still arise. Will the automation of processes result in jobs being lost? Or, will it force changes in organisational structure? Which professions will be replaced by ‘intelligent algorithms’? How will new technologies change our work? And will we lose our humanity in this technological race?

Leading practitioners from Polish and international companies will try to answer these questions during the first Human Centered Places conference. The Expert Talks panel consist of: Michał Krauze, Head of New Business and Innovation at T-Mobile, Maciej Noga, Innovation & Strategic Growth Officer at Grupa Pracuj.pl and Sylwia Pędzińska, Senior Partner and Director of Workplace Innovation at Colliers International.

Later during the event, a discussion panel led by Łukasz Grass, editor-in-chief at Business Insider Polska will take place. The panellists will touch on the subject of automation processes in companies, artificial intelligence at work and work space seen through the prism of trends and the needs of new generations. The following panellists will contribute to the discussion: Daniel Arak, Co-founder and Board Member at ITMAGINATION, Artur Czerwiński, representative of Cisco Systems and Rafał Gutkowski, Solutions Department Director at RICOH Poland.

The conference will feature two special guests: Łukasz Komuda, labour market expert, economist, and author of many publications on the labour market, and Antony Slumbers, founder and propagator of Estates Today, consultant for the influence of technology on the real estate market and founder of a UK company producing software for the real estate management sector.

More information, the programme and registration are available at: humancenteredplaces.com