Oberthur has been active in Łódź for nearly two years. It is responsible for research and development (R&D) and delivering innovative software for the biggest brands in the world.

“Entering Willa Kestenberga is exciting for us, because the building is one of its kind,” said Adam Fedorowicz, CEO of Oberthur Technologies R&D Poland. “The villa is beautiful architecturally, with inspiring postindustrial interiors, the green area around and very well located – only 5-minute walk from the new Łódź Fabryczna railway station. The move is also connected with our dynamic employment growth in Łódź.
The owner and investor Janusz Mostowski is proud of the project: “The revitalization of Willa Kestenberga involved not only substantial financial resources but also huge amount of work in order to meet the demanding requirements of the tenant. We worked with great passion, so that the building serves not only as the seat for Oberthur, but is also liked by the citizens and is one of the flagship places in Łódź.”

According to Marcin Włodarczyk, the Director of the Colliers International Łódź office: “Leasing Willa Kestenberga to the leading company from the IT industry shows that the characteristic for Łódź postindustrial real estate, often historical, may be an excellent choice for the business based on creativity i.e. IT companies, software developers. The working atmosphere in the office is unique. However, preparation of such an office requires great openness of the developer to the needs of tenants and excellent cooperation between them.”

The development of Oberthur and the renovation of Willa Kestenberga is positively assessed by the City authorities. “We are very pleased with both the dynamic growth of Oberthur in Łódź, as well as a perfect example of revitalization of the beautiful palace. The fact that another IT company has chosen Łódź is a sign for us that investors from the IT industry see the city’s potential. Moreover, taking into account that Oberthur has decided to locate its headquarters in a place with such unique character shows that the revitalization activities carried out in the city have a meaning and bring expected results,” said the Mayor of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska.

The renovation project of Willa Kestenberga was prepared by Pracownia Projektowa EDS STUDIO Anna Mostowska, and the construction works were carried out by the Budowa construction company from Łowicz.