Workplace Innovation is a modern approach to workplace design that integrates the knowledge and experience of property advisers, architects, business psychologists, sociologists and HR specialists. A diverse team of experts allows to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of the organization, define its needs and develop a multi-faceted strategy.

“Workplace Innovation is not just a change in the arrangement of office space, but above all a change of organizational culture, internal processes and people management. People and their needs become the central focus of the organization and any changes of the surrounding area are just a derivative of this approach,” said Sylwia Pędzińska, Partner at Colliers International, Director of Workplace Innovation.

The increased interest in the new approach to building workplace strategy can be seen in Poland for over a year. However, there is still a lot to be done in this area. In the Netherlands and the Nordic countries this approach to office space has already been observed for at least 10 years where large groups of specialists are engaged in the process of workplace design.

“What is noteworthy, each organization requires a different approach. Applying the same methods and solutions in organizations with different cultures, profile or size will not bring the desired results. The key to success is greatly individualized approach,” added Sylwia Pędzińska.

Sylwia Pędzińska joined Colliers International in 2004 and has since been responsible for the operational part of the business. She assisted the Managing Partner in everyday activities, planned and supervised the work of the following teams: administration, human resources, IT, finance and accounting, and legal. One of Sylwia’s main tasks was the development of the company aimed at a modern and innovative business. In operational terms, she also supported the development of Colliers International offices in Polish regional cities. In 2010 Sylwia joined the group of company Partners with whom she co-creates the strategy for Colliers International in Poland and supervises its implementation. With the opening of Workplace Innovation department Sylwia took over as director of the team.

Last year Colliers International in Poland redesigned its own headquarters located in the Warsaw Metropolitan office building. The company has adapted its space to the developing needs of a rapidly growing team and introduced a number of changes related not only to space arrangement but also to shaping the culture of the organization. The effects of the changes can be seen here.