Grzegorz is an organizational psychologist, data analyst and a consultant. For the last 6 years he has been active in the consultancy sector. He combines knowledge from the social sciences and expertise in the field of statistical modeling and psychometrics.

Grzegorz designs solutions and tools based on proven concepts from the social sciences, complemented by the results of current research. His professional career in the field of consulting began in the Polish Foundation for Management Research. He then worked as a consultant at the Gauss Institute, where he led projects in the evidence-based approach, built and consulted tools dedicated to business - psychological tests, questionnaires and surveys. He designed and conducted research in organizations and was responsible for statistical analysis as well as interpretation and visualization of data from quantitative research.

“Various research show that the implementation of solutions for flexible workplace makes us healthier, happier and more efficient. However, office space redesign on its own is not enough to achieve tangible results. Secure implementation of major changes in the organization is a multidimensional process, which requires comprehensive approach and expertise in many areas,” said Grzegorz Rajca, Associate, Workplace Innovation, Colliers International.

Grzegorz is the author of numerous publications in the field of organizational psychology and human resources in the print and electronic media. He also collaborated in the creation of a handbook of European standards for test users in business EFPA EuroTest-WO.

“The effectiveness of office space depends on numerous factors. One of them is the role of HR departments and their scope of responsibilities such as organizational culture, employees’ preferences resulting from their psychological profiles or the competence of managers. Paradoxically, this area is often neglected in projects regarding workplace innovation,” added Grzegorz Rajca.

Grzegorz Rajca joins Workplace Innovation department.